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Jewelry Repair Kit

There are some pieces in your jewelry collection that you can do some minor repairs or clean periodically. Create a jewelry repair kit. Have all the essentials in place so that you are not hunting down the necessary tools and materials when you are ready to clean and repair. Your kit should include the following items:

  • Gentle, jewelry safe silver polish for sterling or silver-plated items.

  • For heavily tarnished silver or copper pieces, try a tarnish remover such as Weiman’s Instant Tarnish Remover. Read and follow the directions.

  • Commercial jewelry cleaner specifically for diamonds, precious metals, and gems. Sunray Jewelry Cleaner is a good one.

  • Soft-bristled brush for getting in the crevices. Recycle tip - an old soft toothbrush cleaned and sanitized with alcohol.

  • Soft chamois cloth for polishing and drying.

  • Glue for reattaching gems to inexpensive costume jewelry. Epoxy Quick Setting glue or E6000 glue is good.

  • Rubbing alcohol for hard gems and metals.

  • Q-tips for polishing and hard to reach spots and crevices.

  • Tweezers for removing lint or resetting costume jewelry stones.

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