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It is a wonderful gift from the Creator to be able to transform my ideas into unique pieces of jewelry.  Welcome to Nizhoni Designs, which in the Navajo language means, "beautiful", where you will find one of a kind adornments that are created from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul in mind.


I am Raven Cheyenne, owner of Nizhoni Designs.  The love and inspiration I have for my creations came from my childhood.  My Aunt Mary gave me my first piece of jewelry-a birthstone bracelet.  I have fond memories of going shopping with her, oohing and aahing over the beautiful pieces that she would buy to add to her collection.  I got to play in her jewelry box, trying on various pieces, which made me feel beautiful and special.  The bracelet is long gone, but not the memories or the extraordinary emotions and feelings which sparked an interest and fascination with jewelry that has continued to this day. 


Jewelry is an integral part of a woman's life.  When a piece of jewelry that appeals to your inner spirit is worn, you feel beautiful and that's a feeling that transcends any outfit that you may wear.  Nizhoni Designs adornments are created with that thought in mind.  The adornments are created from the earth's natural elements-semi precious stones, genuine copper and sterling silver that are mined responsibly, which affords you an opportunity to celebrate your individual personal expression!

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