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Power to Her!

Hello Friends,

March is Women's History Month. There is a saying in Lakota that loosely translates to "Men did the dangerous work, and the women did the impossible." Women are creating, innovating, leading and bringing the world forward with their accomplishments. As we celebrate this month, think of the women-mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins and sister friends who have shaped and influenced you to be your best self.

As I think of the women who have inspired me on my journey creatively, there are too many to name. Sandy Baker, who creates beautiful classic silver jewelry. Terri Greeves who is a beadwork artist extraordinaire, whose work is absolutely stunning and mind blowing. My friend, Stephanie Occhipinti, who creates fabulous gold jewelry and is so giving of her knowledge and insight. A trailblazing woman on so many levels is Vice President Kamala Harris. She does know how to work those pearls. What's nice about pearls is that they can be worn casually with a tee shirt and jeans, or just as elegantly with the little black dress. I was inspired to create earrings using Biwa pearls and Amethyst beads. I like the Biwa or stick pearls as they are also known because they are as unique as the person who wears them. I invite you to visit my website, Nizhoni Designs, to get inspired by my pearl creations.

Until we meet again,

Raven Cheyenne

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